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Can I Go to Urgent Care for a Cut That May Need Stitches?

We have all sustained cuts and lacerations from gardening, woodworking, a fall, or just making dinner. Most times we can apply some antiseptic and bandage the cut. Sometimes, however, that cut is larger and deeper than we would like. In fact, maybe it needs stitches. How do you know if that’s the case, and where should you go for treatment?

When Do You Need Stitches for a Cut?

There are a number of situations and signs that stitches will be the best option.

Stitches may be needed to fully heal and prevent infection. The same is true for jagged cuts that won’t stop bleeding even after 10 minutes of applied pressure, and even through a bandage.

If the cut is located at a joint, such as your knee or elbow, stitches may be in order.

Any open wound is a playground for bacteria. Stitches will reduce the risk of infection.

Some other signs a cut may need stitches include the following:

  • The area near the cut feels numb.
  • The cut is on the face, genitalia, or another sensitive area.
  • The cut is deep and has jagged edges.
  • The cut is a bite from an animal, person, or involves a foreign object.
  • The cut is located at a place with cosmetic concerns.

Always check with a medical professional about the need for stitches when you’re not sure.

Where Do You Go for a Cut That May Need Stitches?

An urgent care like Right Choice Urgent Care in Cypress, TX will be able to treat your wound with stitches promptly.

If you still have doubts about whether an urgent care can treat your cut with stitches, head to the nearest one and find out. The professionals there will be able to direct you to the best care, whether it be there or at a hospital ER.

There is a shorter wait time at Right Choice Urgent Care, it is usually more affordable, and it has extended hours. Prompt treatment is always best with a cut or wound.

Call ahead at (281) 944-7900 or simply walk into Right Choice Urgent Care and receive immediate treatment for a cut or wound.

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