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Should You Go To Urgent Care For A Sports Injury?

Years ago if you sustained an injury, your only option for care was the dreaded emergency room where you might sit for hours waiting to be treated. Times have changed and so have options for your medical care. Today, there are urgent care centers just about everywhere, but should you go to urgent care for a sports injury?

Man with knee injury.

The Simple Answer

The answer is yes. You should go to urgent care for a sports injury. That is unless you want to head to an ER and pay a significantly higher bill than at urgent care and wait for hours to be seen. Seems like a simple choice. You could also try to get an appointment with your physician, but that can take days. 

At urgent care facilities like Right Choice Urgent Care in Cypress, TX you will receive on demand healthcare. Walk in and receive diagnostics like X-ray capability, lab testing, and a professional staff for quick, effective, and economic healthcare when you can’t wait. 

Urgent Care For Sports Injuries

Urgent care facilities provide care for non-life-threatening issues. It also treats non-chronic medical conditions.

In general these include the following:

  • Colds and flu
  • Allergy treatment
  • Sprains
  • Fractures
  • Minor auto accidents
  • Concussions
  • Lacerations

When you, or your child, needs to be seen right away with an acute sports injury, Right Choice Urgent Care is the place to go first. An acute sports injury occurs without warning. You fall, slip, or receive a hard hit by another player, and you have immediate severe pain and swelling. It could be a knee injury, dislocation, ACL injury, or a strained groin.

A chronic sport injury is one which occurs from overuse. It develops overtime from wear and tear on joints and muscles.

Don’t ignore symptoms from any minor sports injury as it can cause even more damage. Visit Right Choice Urgent Care when you have symptoms. Even dehydration can be treated at urgent care.

Consider Your Choices

Urgent care facilities provide the following benefits:

  • Receive high-quality medical care faster than a doctor or an emergency room
  • No appointments needed
  • More affordable than an ER
  • Offers competitive self-pay rates for those without insurance coverage

When it comes to any kind of sports injury you or your child may sustain, choose a healthcare provider that offers quick and expert medical care in a timely fashion.

Prepare ahead of an injury, and search out the nearest urgent care.

Visit Right Choice Urgent Care for all sports injuries or other non-life threatening conditions in Cypress, TX.

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