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Sports Injuries: Urgent Care Solutions for Safe and Quick Recovery

Sports injuries like ankle sprains or muscle strains can occur anywhere and at any time whether you are a sports enthusiast or just want to stay active and healthy. It isn’t serious enough to warrant a trip to an emergency room and an hours-long wait, but you need treatment now. Sports injuries: urgent care solutions for safe and quick delivery.

Main Causes and Signs of Sports Injuries

No matter your level of activity, the causes of sports injuries are about the same. It could be overuse of an activity, it could be incorrect technique or form, or even an unexpected accident causing a contusion. Overuse includes repetitive activities that strain certain ligaments, tendons, or muscles. Injuries increase when you don’t follow the right form, and a fall or impact can cause an unexpected injury.

Other causes of sports injuries can include the following:

  • Insufficient warm up or stretching
  • Improperly fitted equipment
  • Poor physical condition
  • Poor nutrition
  • Unsafe playing environment or surface
  • Reckless play
  • Lack of rest and recovery

If you have had a sports injury in the past, you can probably point to one or two of these causes for that injury. You can prevent a future injury by correcting the above issues.

The signs of a sports injury are well known, but they can include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Weakness of instability
  • Tenderness or tingling
  • A popping or snapping sensation

Never ignore the signs of an injury. Seek a diagnosis and treatment sooner rather than later. Trust Right Choice Urgent Care in Cypress, TX to treat your injury with quick and professional quality care.

Benefits of Choosing an Urgent Care

If your injury does not involve a concussion or a neck injury, and you want prompt medical care, visiting Right Choice Urgent Care is your best choice. It’s the best solution for safe and quick recovery.

We provide walk-in diagnostics with X-rays, labs, and testing to get a quick reliable diagnosis and treatment plan. This gets you back into action to resume your activities. 

injured athlete at the doctors.

You can walk in instead of waiting for an appointment with your primary doctor. You can reduce the risk of long-term complications like chronic pain, joint stiffness, and impaired flexibility. In addition, you get a timely assessment to begin your recovery process sooner.

An urgent care is more affordable than an ER and accepts most medical plans. They also may have competitive self-pay rates.

Understanding common sports injuries, their causes, and how to prevent them will minimize the risks of future injuries.

Visit Right Choice Urgent Care in Cypress, TX for treatment if you or your child sustains a sports injury.

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